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Sheffield S9 3RP

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Nova Electronics, Sheffield - repairing electronic devices - from catering equipment to laptops.
We have over 40 years experience and a thorough practical knowledge of electronics gained at the workbench.  Our job is to repair all types of electronic equipment and devices including: Catering...
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NOVA electronics, 700-702 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S9 3RP
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  We have been repairing electronic equipment since 1979 and have a broad and in depth knowledge of electronics. From small electronic keys to CNC machines, it is electronics that makes it work. <...
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Thank you for your interest in our free Products Update Bulletin. Here are some of the benefits you'll get: Early alerts about special promotions, discounts or free samples. First-hand updates about new...
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Privacy Policy Overview Nova Electronics is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its website users and customers. We have written this privacy policy to outline the specific information we...
In conjunction with David Davis we design and make our Ferric Meter.
Nova Electronics for computer and laptop repairs in Sheffield we treat them as a priority fix
If your computer or laptop needs repairing or stops working, we will do all we can to fix the problem fast while keeping costs down. Whether you are in business, a student or a serious gamer, we at Nova...
Nova Electronics for TV and Audio Repairs in Sheffield local help to get you watching again, quickly.
If your TV or audio system has gone wrong, you don’t have to send it away. Nova Electronics have specialist electronic engineers within 10 minutes of Sheffield city centre.  We are local and...
Nova Electronics for repairs to Catering equipment in Sheffield local support to get you back in business
If your catering equipment has a fault or needs repairing, Nova Electronics will be right at your side to help.  We know your business is at risk and you can’t afford to wait.  Nova Electronics...
Nova Electronics for industrial electronics repairs in Sheffield
Nova Electronics give you a fast, reliable and cheaper alternative to a manufacturer’s own team.  To our electronics engineers, working on industrial electrical equipment is a home from home...
Nova Electronics repairs Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) including car-keys
Have your electronic car keys stopped working, needing a very expensive manufacturer replacement ?   Pop into Nova Electronics, the Sheffield electronics specialist for a low-cost fix instead.  ...
Nova Electronics for Xbox repairs, Nintendo repairs, Sony PS repairs, in fact all console repairs keeping everyone happy
Nova Electronics give you peace of mind that mistreated games consoles won’t cost a worrying amount to repair.  Your children (or you !) really enjoy computer games – until the console...
Nova Electronics in Sheffield will get you top marks for your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Have you got a Health & Safety visit soon ? Are you worried ? Nova Electronics is a Sheffield electrical repairs business who will make sure your Portable Appliances Testing (PAT) gets top marks.&...
Nova Electronics Data Retrieval service data recovery for your files, photos and films
Has your computer hard drive just failed ? Do you think all your photos, music and documents are lost for ever ? Are you wondering how you will complete that essay or report on time ? Nova Electronics...
BullGuard Antivirus £20 + vat
Calibrated to distinguish between Commercially pure (CP) Titanium and Titanium Alloy. It instantly gives a positive or negative reading to the sample being tested, saving time and accurately differentiating...
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You know us and where we live: you know you can reply on us to give you good advice and dependable service for your hardware and software. Now, as approved Associates of Positively...

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